REGION – NAME: Lazio, ZEDL partnership

SPEAKER: Giuseppe Tomasso

SECTOR: Last mile logistic

TITLE: Certified Zero Emission Last-mile Delivery


ZEDL proposes a “real zero emission last mile logistic and distribution”. It is based on an integrated platform, which directly links energy generation and final use for goods distribution, by means of an optimized algorithm. 

At the moment, ZEDL platform (software and hardware, plus devices) has been developer at TRL8 level. Next steps to the industrial implementation are:


  • making the dashboard of ZEDL compatible with major commercial software for distribution management;
  • creating a commercial package of the ZEDL distribution platform (energy+distribution+fleet management).
  • Hardware:
  • final industrialization and production of the ZEDL OBU’s (on-board-unit), to make it compatible with major commercial trucks on the market;
  • industrialization and production of the ZEDL energy management hardware platform.

Thus, a new start-up company is proposed, with the aim of:

-creating a commercial “zero emission distribution platform”, which includes also the energy generation and management, distribution optimization, fleet management, charging infrastructure, etc;

-promoting the use of second life traction battery inside the energy platform, in order to extend the actual life cycle of the electric vehicle’s batteries;

-creating a “CO2 certification mark (carbon footprint)”, associated to each delivery, to report and certify the actual value of used energy and carbon footprint of each specific delivery, by using the “well to wheel” approach. This mark will include also production and recycling;

-providing a certified delivery service, to be offered to cities, private companies, express courier and, in general, logistic operators.     


The business opportunity comes from the huge market of daily delivers performed within the “last mile”, which has to be integrated to the strict pollution restrictions all local governments are promoting inside the city centers. Approaching this market with a real-zero-emission distribution or, at least, certified carbon footprint delivery will drive logistic operator to the strict rules of 2030 full green last mile logistic, established by European Commission. The business approach will be:

  • Phase 1: creating a new start-up company, which owns all technologies, know-how and IP’s developed inside the ZEDL project;
  • Phase 2: developing a commercial platform for ZEDL and starting devices production;
  • Phase 3: creating a zero-emission last mile delivery service, to be offered to all logistic operators in Italy.

Shares of start-up companies will be available for external investors.


Prof. Giuseppe Tomasso

Phone: +39 0776 2993730

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