REGION – NAME: CALABRIA – Biotecnomed Scarl

SPEAKER: Ing. Basilio Vescio, R&D manager

SECTOR: e-Health

TITLE: TremorAnalyzer


TremorAnalyzer is a portable wearable device and app for the correct identification of Parkinson's disease, thus avoiding misdiagnoses in case of benign tremor, like essential tremor.

The system consists of the following parts:

- two or more electromyography (EMG) small sensors attached to the arm

- A master module, wearable in the form of a bracelet/watch, which acquires and synchronizes the signals coming from the EMG sensors

- An (optional) accelerometric module

- A portable device (smartphone or tablet) interfaced with the master module via wireless protocol (e.g.

Bluetooth Low Energy) for signal visualization, analysis and presentation of results, archiving and

database management of the analyzed subjects.

We have a patent pending for this device in Italy and have a prototype developed that is currently being experimented. We are looking for funding or an industrial partner for the development of the product/service.


TremorAnalyzer can be used by specialists (neurologists) for early screening of Parkinson's disease with subjects showing tremor motor symptoms, thus avoiding several annoying and expensive clinical and instrumental examinations (e.g.: scintigraphy), with benefits on National Health Services.

It could be easily used also by medical practitioners and family doctors for large scale screening purposes, without the need of complex and expensive equipment. The use of an app and distributed database could be useful for collecting epidemiological data and keep track of disease progression or efficacy of therapies.


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