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SPEAKER Andrea Ortenzi – Direttore Marketing & Brand Progetto TraiNurse


TITLE: TraiNurse – From an Industrial Research Project to Commercial Development


The increase in aging population, chronic diseases and disabilities, has put the health professionals in a challenging position, where the update of competences and skills is continuously required.

Moreover, the national healthcare systems are transforming their assets to take advantage of the digitalization and respond to the new needs of the citizens, including the increased demand for medical home care assistance.

However, nursing performances can be affected by factors such as age, education, expertise, etc.,  with an impact on knowledge transfer and on the sharing of skills and experience between different generations and levels of professionalism.

Artmediamix seized the opportunity within the need of uniformity, consistency and valorisation of the nursing profession and initiated TraiNurse, a project for the development of a web mobile digital platform, where multimedia content will be delivered to the nursing professionals in a unique, standard-codified language and through an integrated App.

The industrial research project TraiNurse will develop the prototype of the “first App for the valorisation of digital skills of nursing professionals” by the targeted delivery of multimedia and interactive content with a high degree of cognitive impact.

 All the content will be based on ICNP language, i.e. the “International Classification of Nursing Practice”, thus recognized by the International Council of Nurses (ICN).

As such, the prototype will include a number of selected clusters of clinical areas, i.e. it will not codify the whole ICNP.


The research will look at new communication codes with major interest, in order to allow the connection of a large number of users worldwide.

The aims of this project include.

  • The dissemination of re-usable scientific contents that will be:
    • produced and guaranteed by the Scientific Committee.
    • tested within the accredited health care institutions.
    • compliant with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).
  • The spread of ICNP language and the dissemination of best practice for a measurable value of nursing professional performances and results.
  • The promotion of the development of digital skills and the creation of a national and international community of nurses.

The transition from the prototype to a commercial product and its commercial development requires a further investment of € 4.000.000/€ 6.000.000.


  • Digital literacy
  • Standardisation and measurability of results
  • Increased accuracy of nursing diagnoses
  • Increased uniformity of the language at international level as a result of spread and adoption of ICNP
  • Empowerment of nursing profession


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Contact person:

Gian Marco Sandri – CEO Artmediamix srl

Andrea Ortenzi – Marketing Director & Brand Project TraiNurse

Caterina Zavolta – Project Manager Progetto TraiNurse