SPEAKER : Davide Pedrazzini, VP for Product Innovation and TPM Lead

SECTOR: e-health

TITLE: Total Patient Management (TPM)


Building upon its in-depth knowledge of clinical processes and healthcare dynamics, Inpeco is developing the digital complement for its solutions historically based on total automation, complete traceability and open integration.

Total Patient Management (TPM) is a patient-centric and vendor-neutral digital healthcare platform powered by automation and enforced by the Patient’s biometrics.

The first product of this platform will be a cloud hosted Patient health record which is seamlessly fed with reliable clinical data from automated and traceable processes; the future portfolio offering has the ambition of becoming the supply chain for personalized medicine of the future.

Inpeco is building in Sardinia a demonstrator to prove the power of its vision and fine tune the technology and business processes required for global scalability and success.

The working relationship with CRS4 (a public research centre owned by the Region) and the Health IT Infrastructure currently present, were key drivers for choosing Sardinia as the first deployment site.

Inpeco has had an innovation centre hosted within the Scientific and Technological Park of Sardinia since 2010 and has steadily increased investments on site.


The TPM project was born with global ambitions and will require consistent financial backing for its worldwide scale-up and deployment.

The demonstrator is only the first step in realizing a digital healthcare platform that will benefit Patients and all healthcare stakeholders.

Multiple business opportunities can be exploited by both building clinical applications on top of the platform or deploying it globally.


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