REGION – NAME: CALABRIA – Biotecnomed Scarl

SECTOR: e-Health

TITLE: SleepAnalyzer


SleepAnalyzer consists of a tiny device and a method for detecting obstructive sleeping apnea (OSA) (and other sleep disorders) through a continuous night recording of RR intervals (inter-beat intervals). The proposed device is based on a photoplethysmographic sensor (PPG) that can be easily worn on the ear, or pinned to an earlobe. No other equipment is required (such as oro-nasal probes, chest straps, etc...), that may be annoying for people who need to check their sleep quality or the presence/absence of a sleep disease.

Efficacy of the solution in detecting sleep disorders has already been validated in two clinical studies. Another multicentric study is presently ongoing.

In our trials, OSA and REM sleep behaviour disorders have been detected with a 100% accuracy.

The device and method has been patented in Europe (EP3267880, granted). We currently have a prototype that is being experimented. We are looking for an industrial partner for either:

  • selling/licensig our intellectual property, or
  • developing and commercializing the new product.


SleepAnalyzer can be easily used by people for monitoring their sleep quality. It is very suitable for large scale screening of sleep diseases, such as obstructive sleep apnea. EU countries, at the moment, require a health check before issuing or renewing driving licenses. In particular, people suffering from apnea cannot get their driving license before undergoing proper treatments. Apnea screening is currently done using a questionnaire, which is very prone to false negatives (or counterfeiting). SleepAnalyzer can provide an easy, low-cost and effective solution to competent authorities for the improvement of road safety. It can also be used for assessing the efficacy of therapies.


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