The PickMeUp project is aimed at researching and developing for an innovative platform to support sustainable mobility that effectively integrates local public transport with the private one.

The partners involved in the project development are:

Intent - responsible for the development of the platform, App to You - responsible for the development of the App,  the Research Center for Transport and Logistics (CTL) of the "Sapienza" University of Rome - responsible for the routes planning algorithms.

The idea is to integrate and optimize the public service (bus,train,etc.) with what is available at a private level, overcoming the most deficient situations of suburban areas and small municipalities, through an information system that combines the demand with a "just in time" response available at a certain time and for a certain road route to be done

By the platform, users will be able to know the offer available in real time on road routes, with updated information in real time on the state of public transport, where provided by the public service operators, and mixed routes, where it is possible to optimize travel using both public lines and private vehicles.

In addition, the platform will have to manage an area dedicated to the availability of passages (for example “BlaBlaCar”) both on offer and demand, therefore integrating choice options also on routes badly served by public service or not reached by the most innovative car sharing systems.

The specific goals that we are pursuing:

  • to create a series of algorithms for routes planning
  • to devise a platform that can work in iOS and Android with APP for smartphones and tablets, as a prototype of mobility support, integrated with the control room for traffic and data of public transport and the availability of the private one
  • to implement a device for geolocation and WiFi connection of all vehicles, public or private.

The economic objectives have been hypothesized on two distinct commercial channels :

  • license sale to individual municipalities / local authorities , estimated price € 100 / each
  • advertising sale (banners,etc.) to local companies, estimated price € 500 / each

According to the estimated data, the business generated will produce an investment yield of 50%


1° year 

2° year 

3° year 

Overall Business

102.000 €

520.000€ + 102.000€

520.000€ + 520.000€ + 102.000€


50.000 €

300.000 €

550.000 €

The PickmeUp platform can be replicated in different geographical areas, we are looking for Financial and Industrial partners to promote Pickmeup beyond the Italian territory.


From our analysis, the business opportunity is evident. 

With an initial investment of € 300,000, a ROI will be achieved in just 21 months and a further 128% return of the investment in 36 months, considering the more than € 200,000 already invested by Intent and its subsidiaries. For this type of investment, we envisage company’s shares in a NEWCO to be established between Intent and the investor. The investment can be seen as a participative loan, even temporary, with an exit value valued on a preventive budget base. 


Name: Intent Srl

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Tel: +39 06-9575098

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