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TITLE: NEXTOME – Indoor Navigation, Indoor Positioning and Indoor Tracking system


Nextome is a software technology company born with global ambition that tackles the challenges of indoor navigation. Since our first steps, we have travelled around the world to benchmark our technology, meet potential customers and participate in international competitions. The start-up, founded by passionate computer science students, is based in Apulia, Italy. After years of research and development on the indoor positioning and navigation system, the company won multiple awards and international innovation challenges.

The patented technology utilizes smartphone sensors and low-signal Bluetooth beacons leveraged by a physical model as well as A.I. algorithms to achieve remarkable results. In a highly competitive market the solution stands out due to its high accuracy (1-2 meter), great value and simple installation approach (no fingerprinting) that makes the system ready to use almost right away. Besides the indoor positioning and navigation system, Nextome provides tools to manage the infrastructure and analyse data in real-time. The patented Nextome indoor location and navigation system is designed to be integrated into an existing mobile application effortlessly. Furthermore, we also offer to customize your new app containing the Nextome Technology plus individual, valuable features.

Nextome is a B2B software solution company providing corporates owners and managers of large buildings (including office buildings, hospitals, stations, airports, factories, shops and malls, trade shows etc.) the opportunity to implement mobile location based services to provide users (visitors, shoppers, employees, contractors, etc.) with positioning and navigation / positioning and tracking enabled apps to easily find point of interest, follow a guided tour, or facilitate man machine interaction. Data collection and data analysis services are provided for corporate customers, users can benefit from interactive services based on applications location awareness provided Nextome.


Venture capital financing: We evaluate investment proposals including 500K(€) - € 1.5M(€) - these investments will be destined for expansion in the American market.

Business partners: the possibility of making business agreements with local system integrators for the construction of a solution suitable for several industries  (eg healthcare and industry 4.0).




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Tel: +39 0808806915

Contact person:

Domenico Colucci (Co-Founder and Marketing Leader)