REGION – NAME: CALABRIA – Biotecnomed Scarl 

SECTOR:  e-Health

TITLE MATE - Multifunction Assistant for little kids and the elderly


MATE is a weareable device, in the form of a bracelet, and a software platform. Using the potential of the Internet of Things, through a simple App, it will allow the activation of a wide range of services to be addressed mainly to the vulnerable sections of the population, with specific reference to the elderly people (> 65 years), to children and to people with cognitive and/or motor impairments. The device will have a NB-IoT or LTE-M communication module, an Inertial Measurement Unit, wireless charging and energy harvesting and an audio unit. It will allow to:

- record and collect real-time data from the wearing subject (heart rate);

- geolocalize people;

- detect falls and send alarms;

- play notifications and reminders, in order to enhance compliance with therapies;

- perform simple cognitive rehabilitation tasks for people with mild cognitive impairment;

It will have a simplified two-keys interface and can be reprogrammed and personalized (alarms, tasks, reminders,...) through an app for caregivers, using a dedicated web platform.

The first prototypes will be tested by the end of 2019. We are looking for a partner for the industrialization of the product.


By 2030, a quarter of the EU population will be over 65. The annual expense for services and caregiving to weaker sections is constantly increasing. MATE is addressed to weak people (elderly or kids) and to their family caregivers who need to enhance their relatives' autonomy, without the need of a professional caregiver.

The improvement of compliance with therapies will dramatically reduce rehospitalization rate (about 50% of cases are due to bad adherence to therapies) and cognitive rehabilitation tasks, executed within personalized exercise programs, will thoroughly improve autonomy in elderly people, with benefits on family welfare and National Health Services.


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