LifeSeeder is the first equity crowdfunding platform exclusively focused on Life Sciences authorized by CONSOB. LifeSeeder aims at facilitating the matching between Life Science enterprises with highly innovative projects and specialized investors or big companies. This is in order to realize the mission of being a real meeting point between companies looking for new capital and investors in the sector.

LifeSeeder was founded by the Health Cluster of Lazio C.H.I.CO. and leading stakeholders in the Life Sciences sector. It represents the last step in a process that aims at developing innovation by connecting the world of public and private research to companies and private finance. LifeSeeder is based in Rome, with headquarter in Tecnopolo, the technological hub of the city of Rome, conceived as a scientific research pole of excellence. It also operates in Berlin and Tel Aviv. 

LifeLab is a new project that would like to create a hub of Life Sciences of international relevance specialized in the fields of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Biotechnology. It wants to connect scientific and public institutions and the world of enterprises and startups, stimulating economic development throughout the supply chain from basic research to production. 

The main goal is to create a meeting point for research centers able to attract investments. 

The added value of LifeSeeder is its evaluation process based on three steps: 

a scientific evalutation entrusted by the Scientific Committee of Cluster C.H.I.CO. for a scientific assessment. The Committee is composed by distinguished academics and top level researchers.

A legal and fiscal evaluation committed to DLA Piper and a Market Committee availing of specialists, such as SIB, Sapienza Innovazione and ATID.

During pre-matching, projects are shown to professional investors, big corporates, funds that can make their own investment appraisals before the online launch on the platform. 

In particular, today our platform is looking for start-ups, innovative SMEs, highly innovative Life Sciences projects and investors who might become part of our network and therefore take advantage of our services to carry out our project together with us.


Lifeseeder has an important portfolio of innovative projects: over 60 viewed and 14 admitted to evaluation process. The business sectors of this projects are: medical device, diagnostics, telemedicine, pharmaceutical, Iot, agri-food and nutraceutical. Lifeseeder selects and presents the new projects to innovative investors, as a business matching facilitator for startups, SME’s and investors.

LifeLab wants to be a territorial network for the transfer of technological innovation, as well as supporting and strengthening start-ups, helping SMEs to grow, also providing guidance and commercial and financial tutoring.


Dott.ssa Sara Pisano – Cluster CHICO 


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Tel: +39 340.5450662