The aim of the project is an innovative health care model, based on information and communication technologies, which can support and facilitate the diagnosis, the treatment, and the rehabilitation path in severe acquired brain injury (SABI) subjects.

This is carried out through implementation of an e-Health system based on:

  • A system capable of integrating the results of different medical examinations and in particular coming from the analysis of EEG signals (auditory evoked potentials, AEP), fMRI (connectivity maps),  DWI (tractography), CT, and MRI images, in addition to the clinical scale based assessment of the medical team (CRS-R).  
  • A teleconsultation system that implements a powerful synchronization and co-management on data and images with effective and complete voice / data / image connections. This allows a real time consultation among medical specialists who practice in different geographical areas, resulting in a powerful clinical synthesis and achieving an effective diagnostic evaluation aimed at optimizing admission processes in rehabilitation facilities. Moreover, teleconsultation is used for monitoring of patient status, for a shared assessment by teams of specialists located in distant sites, of the status of the rehabilitation course. 3- After hospital discharge, telecare gives remote assistance of the patient at home or in local care facility, through training, monitoring and interaction of the health facility with the local caregivers.

Telecare includes an interactive system for cognitive and neuro-motor rehabilitation installed at home and controlled through internet or sat links (type KA-SAT).

The system follows the patients during all the phases, from the preliminary diagnosis to the choice of the best treatment, and during the entire rehabilitation course. Therefore, the system will improve the diagnosis and treatment accuracy, resulting in lower expenses for the national health system and optimized assistance to the patient and his family. The project includes the creation of a database that keeps all the useful medical information, such as the medical examination results, in a secure server easily reachable by all the trained and certified personnel.

This system allows a channel of direct access to high specialization realizing in real time the HUB-SPOKE operation strongly desired at national and regional level. The HUB-SPOKE link helps to improve and standardize the patient care path thanks to the multidisciplinary comparison carried out in augmented virtual reality. The system is also an excellent consulting tool for HUB-SPOKE planning of complex operations such as neuro or cardiac surgery.


The purpose of our participation is to consider business opportunities that follow a logic of attracting investments in Italy, i.e., we are looking for foreign companies that invest or co-invest in the project.

More specifically, we actively seek for Radiology Information System database companies who want to integrate our system to expand the functionality of their products, moving from "second opinion" teleconsultation systems to real-time interactive teleconsultation systems suitable also for surgical preplanning. Furthermore, we look for companies that produce neurorehabilitation systems to be integrated with our teleconsultation and telecare system to provide a reliable and affordable tele-rehabilitation system at home.




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