REGION – NAME: Regione Lazio – Gruppo Filippetti Spa

SECTOR: Life sciences – ICT for health and well-being



Today citizens are more interested in actively collaborate to the management of their health, pursuing the efficacy of the treatment also through the use of ICT technologies.

In this context, the FILO BLU Project meets the citizens’ needs developing a tool that allows to optimize the efficiency and the effectiveness of care processes, as well as to increase the involvement of the patient and the caregiver (empowerment of the patient/caregivers).

The FILO BLU system, in particular, aims to improve the healthcare provision and treatment of patients in cancer therapy and it consists of:

  • two APPs, one for the patient/caregiver and the other one for the medical team, aiming to support the doctor-patient communication and the home care;
  • a module for the interoperability with portable monitoring systems equipped with a bluetooth interface, that is integrated to the patient’s APP;
  • an expert system for the analysis of medical-patient communications that aims to score the patient's status (clinical and psychological) and that analyzes the flow of communications in order to signal to doctors, through an "attention" score, potential critical situations (keeping into account both the written texts and any physiological values monitored). That component will work using algorithms in the field of sentiment analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

FILO BLU has an interface similar to "whatsapp", but goes beyond the typical functions of systems like that. In fact, FILO BLU is equipped with features specifically designed for the healthcare applications such as:

  • the dispensation of precompiled questionnaires to the patient/caregiver;
  • the scheduling, by the medical team, of automatic reminders for the patient;
  • the transfer of the monitoring parameters of the medical devices eventually worn by the patient;
  • the calculation of the “attention” score using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms;
  • the integration with electronic medical records


Every day in Italy more than 1,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed. In fact, it is estimated that in our country there are about 373,300 new cancer diagnoses during the year. The relationship between patient, caregiver and medical team plays a key role in therapy.

FILO BLU can play a fundamental role in terms of improving the relationship between the figures involved, thanks to the reduction of stress due to the direct and indirect costs of the disease.

We’re interested in building partnerships and collaborations with Industrial Partners offering already innovative solutions in the context of “Life sciences – ICT for health and well-being”, in order to improve a more complete solution that will be offer to the European market. It represents fertile ground because FILO BLU respond to emerging communication needs in cancer supportive care.

We are also looking for financial partners interested in investing financially in the development and the commercialization of the FILO BLU System.


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