REGION - NAME: FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – Cluster of Digital Technologies (DITEDI)


TITLE: Development of a platform devoted to Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing companies’ innovation


The Region FVG – and the city of Udine in particular – aims to achieve a leading role in the development of Artificial Intelligence expertise and applications. Significant investments in human capital and technological tools have been already carried out in the past few months and many others have been planned, especially for the realization of a "living lab" at the University of Udine.  Firstly, the living lab has the aim to connect the research world, ICT professionals and manufacturing companies, for the research and development of “autonomous machines” and systems, which will be capable of making independent decisions on the basis of "machine learning". Secondly, informations and the latest technological tools will be available for the companies, in order to support the digital transformation processes of traditional SMEs.

The ultimate goal is the creation of an international reference center located in the spaces already identified and financed by MISE, MIUR and FVG Region, with the participation of the major regional research and technology-transfer agencies, the business world and the ICT Cluster.

The public-private partnership is composed of the main regional stakeholders of innovation and digital transformation: the national research park ‘AREA Science Park’; Science and Technology parks such as  ‘Friuli Innovazione’ and ‘Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone’; the University of Udine; ITS Malignani, Volta and Kennedy (higher technical institutes); consortiums such as COSEF and Carnia Industrial Park; the industrial associations Confindustria Udine and Assindustria Pordenone; some important regional companies such as beanTech, InAsset, Esteco, Eurotech, Teorema Engineering, ModeFinance and others.

The technological equipment of the "Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics lab" is being defined in agreement with the Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Physics (DMIF) of the University of Udine.

Given the academic skills and the manufacturing and digital enterprises of the area, with this project the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia aspires to become an international point of reference on the AI subject, working on the production system digitalization to aim for the realization of a "Manufacturing valley" 4.0.


The development of an international reference center of the Artificial Intelligence within the University of Udine area, providing additional resources to the initiatives already launched by the greatest public and private stakeholders, in particular regarding the technological equipment of the already-under-construction living lab located in the areas of the University of Udine. The living lab aims to become the headquarter of the international center and to reach a level of excellence with other partners, which would allow the international companies and research organizations to be engaged in its activities.

Thanks to the additional targeted investments there will be the chance to develop further research and applications in this field, allowing the growth of regional ICT companies and the digital transformation of local manufacturing companies. This would permit them to stay world market leader in their industry and further improve their competitive level, with resulting positive effects on both the whole economic and social system of FVG Region.


Name: Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia – Central Directorate for productive activies and tourism -  FVG Investment Agency // DITEDI - Distretto Industriale delle Tecnologie Digitali

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Responsible: Central Director, Antonio Bravo

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Rodolfo Martina and Michela Masoch // Francesco Contin, Project manager DITEDI