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We looked to a very common problem in Europe: the low patient compliance and the lack of management of drugs and health products at home. More than half of European patients do not take proper care of themselves, not adequately following their treatment plans and medical treatments, skipping and confusing the medications prescribed by the doctor or not knowing what products are present at home.

This causes serious consequences on the patients' health, which will be then require longer and more expensive recovery interventions.

The additional expenses that European health systems have due to lack of patient compliance, amount to about 125 billion euros a year, 1/7 of the total cost of public health.

Carepy provides patients with a digital health assistant through a mobile app that alerts users for taking medication, taking measures, keeping an appointment or going back to a pharmacy. It also provides personalized advice and promotions.

Among the main advantages of Carepy there is the possibility of establishing a direct channel of communication for people, their pharmacy and the doctor, proactively supporting therapeutic adherence and monitoring the levels of individual drugs, without impacting pharmacy or medical practice daily activities and internal resources.

In addition, the pharmacist will be able to manage targeted promotion activities on individual or groups of patients segmented along multiple criteria and promote specific products or initiatives by the pharmacy through the mobile app or via SMS.

Carepy is also used by healthcare facilities, where specialist doctors can follow the treatment cycle in real time and improve the patient compliance of patients during de-hospitalization.

Carepy offers various benefits for caregivers (for example, health care workers, family members of the sick, especially the elderly) who have at their disposal a simple but extremely effective tool to monitor the therapeutic adherence, the evolution of therapy and for establish a direct channel with the pharmacy and doctor or with the healthcare facility.

Carepy is already active in Italy in about 300 pharmacies and 250 medical doctors where it has already generated:

  • an increase in patient compliance averaging 25%,
  • a 20% increase in revenues from products promoted through the platform,
  • and an increase in pharmacy returns of 25%.

We are currently in negotiation with two Italian healthcare companies to include Carepy in several hospitals for the management of chronic diseases.

Thanks to its extremely innovative approach combined with the potential wide-ranging impact on public health, Carepy was awarded the 2016 "Innovation Award Prize" by the Italian President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.


The company is looking for financial partners to finance the development of new chronicity and deospedalization management platforms to integrate with the current software solution.

The company is looking for industrial partners to develop projects in internationalization in Germany and the United Kingdom.


Contact person: Davide Sirago, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.