REGION – NAME: Regione Lazio – Topnetwork Spa

SECTOR: e-Health / m-Health



The objective of Assioma project is to realize a software platform able to provide new services supporting medical care for hospitalized children. The platform will interconnect the involved main stakeholders (children, medical staff, parents), bringing better quality of care and more appropriateness to diagnostic and therapeutic activities. Using gamification technologies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and mobile applications, the project aims at achieving the following goals:

  • facilitate the children symptoms analysis
  • facilitate the therapy application to the children (both in hospital and home)
  • improve the communication between children, parents and medical staff in the entire process of care
  • decrease the anxiety related to medical procedures (such as blood tests, x-rays, etc.)
  • facilitate the follow-up of the hospitalization to the patients home
  • provide telemedicine services
  • allow doctors to share data and information on patients during stays in different hospitals
  • reduce waiting times in the day hospital
  • provide support to the parents (e.g. therapy plans during hospitalization, recommendations and prescriptions to be followed, control over therapies, results of exams, hospital services, etc.)

To ensure the future competitiveness of Assioma project, the development strategy will rely on the delivery of new mobile applications able to support children with specific diseases (e.g. learning difficulties, communication impairment, autism, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, diabetes, etc.), leveraging new technologies on gamification, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, 3D printing, user experience, virtual reality, cyber security and latest medical research and experimentation.


The business opportunities of such Assioma technology are vast, since the combination tablet/software is very versatile and applicable to several cohort of patients and diseases. In the current medical scenario, dominated by the e-Health, the added value of Assioma for the different set of stakeholders is below summarized:

  • children: improvement of care and better response to therapy
  • hospitals/medical organizations: optimization of the medical activity
  • parents: better organization and sense of control over their children’s disease

We are looking for partners which are interested to invest in the further development of our system. The researched partners might be both financial ones (e.g. venture capitalists, business angels, banks, etc.) interested to finance the project development, and industrial ones (e.g. hospital IT providers, medical equipment providers, etc.) interested to integrate their products with the Assioma new services.


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