SECTOR: IT for healthcare

TITLE: ABILITA: a mobile application to support disabled, elderly and complex (health)care populations


With the ABILITA project we developed a web application dedicated to persons (children and adolescents) suffering from rare diseases and disabilities.

Starting from the realization of a complete database of medical records and healthcare information managed by the reference centre/centre of excellence, patient’s key data are made accessible to a network of family members, caregivers, medical and paramedical staff who can then cooperate in the effort to sustain the patient in his dailies as well as healthcare related activities.

The Project acronym refers to the patient who, at the centre of the process, enables, abilitates, the others in the network to get access to his own sensible data via his mobile phone, with full guarantee of privacy protection.

ABILITA received then a second round of Regional public funding (total > 500.000 Euro), for a wider project aiming to support the integration of the networks sustaining disabled, elderly and high complexity care populations.

Three different networks have been identified around the patient: the first two institutional and formalized to varying degrees, the National Health System Network (NSN), and the Social Services Network (SSN); the third informal and mostly voluntary, the Territorial and relational Proximity Network (TPN), made up of family members, friends and those of simple proximity including voluntary associations, social cooperatives, non-profit organizations. The TPN is a real network, which exists and operates before any attempt to formalize it, but its formalization allows integration with institutional networks and offers the opportunity to enhance the social capital.

The wider ABILITA aims to achieve social benefits, by limiting the institutionalization of patients, economic benefits, by reducing healthcare costs, entrepreneurial profits, by stimulating the production of new services and the growth and creation of new professional figures.

The business model of the project envisages income from: patients associations, pharmaceutical, medical and para-medical device companies, insurance companies, public and private health institutions.

Natural co-founder of ABILITA are telecom, IT, insurance companies.


ABILITA is a light but powerful application, in accordance with ethics and privacy requirements by design: the patient, at the centre, share his/her data with the persons he/she chooses.

ABILITA answers to the unmet need of integrated support for those populations who suffer for a long term or chronic impairment but who are (or could be, thanks to the application) still living in their homes. The target population is very large and growing at European level (e.g. the elderly).

The business model foresees a for free distribution of the application to the targets, with income from: extra services, highly focused advertisement, analysis of aggregated data.

The market is made of patients’ associations, pharmaceutical companies, medical and para-medical devices companies, insurance companies, public and private health institutions.

The business opportunity is offered to IT, Telecom, insurance companies willing to co-fund the development in Italy and the joint marketing of the application.


Name: InformaPRO s.r.l. (I-PRO)


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Tel: +39 06 5502218

Contact person:

Francesca Incardona, Dario Corsini, Francesca Ferrucci